About Random Reel Reflections

The name Random Reel Reflections is pretty straightforward:

Random because there’s likely to be little rhyme or reason in which films are discussed (suggestions are more than welcome)

Reel because it’s a fun little word that clearly suggests film and television

Reflections because these posts are intended as more than standard reviews.

The Point

The goal of Random Reel Reflections is not to be just another film review blog, but rather a mix of both review and reflection.  It operates under the assumption that any film is worth thinking about.

Now we’re not talking deep, scholarly, snobby-film-graduate thinking (can’t promise none of that will show up, but it’ll be rare).  Folks interested in that are probably better off reading critical essays, a practice that can be very illuminating and entertaining.

The Content

Each reel reflection is primarily going to address a lot of simple questions:

Did you like it?  What was good?  What was bad?  What worked and what didn’t?

But instead of just going with a quick answer to each, it’ll focus on trying to answer (with some detail) the natural follow-up question: Why?

Often enough this will make for some pretty long posts, for which Flicksmix apologizes.  Every attempt will be made not only to make these posts easily readable, but to format them such that the reader can easily pick and choose the topics of interest to peruse without being forced to scroll through everything.

The Verdicts

Each reel reflection will feature a “Final Verdict.”  This is pretty self-explanatory — it’s how Flicksmix ranks it.  There are five possible verdicts

LOVE IT — Entertaining and absorbing.  These are the films Flicksmix walks away from full of emotion, and usually dying to see again right away.

LIKE IT — Entertaining, maintains interest, a lot of great stuff going for it.  Usually some elements that are distracting or simply don’t get Flicksmix as involved as a LOVE IT.  Flicksmix is usually thinking about this movie for awhile and is ready to see it again within a few days.

LIVE WITH IT — This film may be roughly equal parts good and bad, or perhaps it’s simply a solid film with nothing extraordinarily lovable or loathsome; just fair.  Flicksmix will watch this again with some regularity if it stars a favorite actor, or strikes a nerve.  Otherwise it will be considered every time Flicksmix is bored, but will almost always be passed up.

LEAVE IT — Distractions aplenty destroy Flicksmix’s ability to really engage in the story, the characters, the journey.  There will still be some praise to give, but it’s going to take some thinking and it’s going to be given hesitantly.  Could be a good idea executed really poorly, or a bad idea executed with some competence.  Flicksmix will watch this again if it stars a favorite actor, but not often and usually with something else to focus on.

LAMENT IT — This verdict will likely never show its face on this blog, because though these films do exist Flicksmix is not likely to watch one.  Nothing to recommend it whatsoever, Flicksmix mourns the day this film was dreamed up, and every day and decision that led to its production and release.  Flicksmix will never watch this again.



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