About Flicksmix

Age: 27 (subject to change every twelve months)

Gender: F (subject to change every incarnation)

Residence: SoCal (subject to change at my whim)

Education: BA Cinema from San Francisco State University (not subject to change)

Type: Athletic (hopefully not subject to change)


Moving pictures — That’s obvious, but a bit broader than just film.  I’ve been engrossed in almost anything on screen — even commercials — since I can remember.

Music — That’s a given, since everybody seems to love music of at least some type.  Me, I like to sing and dance to it.  The next door neighbor used to hear me singing all my favorite Disney tunes when I was five, and now my current neighbor patiently deals with me singing to the eclectic compilation on my mp3 player.

Video editing — Hobby for now.  Currently learning the ins and outs of Avid Media Composer.  Good stuff.

Writing — Everyone has a screenplay in the works.  I’m no different.  I’m also getting started on a blog, too.  Random Reel Reflections. Maybe you’ve heard of it…

Exercise — Can’t claim to be an athlete anymore, but I love to work out.  Shaun T’s Insanity is currently kicking my butt and I love every painful, exhausting minute.  I also like running (with music), volleyball (I miss it so), gymnastics (way beyond me), and have a strong background in swimming (the “what if?” in my athletic life).


My film taste is as random as my thoughts.  I couldn’t begin to summarize what I like, and apparently neither can anyone who knows me because film referrals from family and friends tend to go badly.  Just call me quirky.

Films that others love, I would leave; films that I love, others would either leave or lament.  If I like it, they live with it and vice versa.

It’s been pretty evident since I was a wee Flicksmix that what speaks to me is different from what speaks to a lot of other people.  Somehow, though, they tend to like that.  That’s what this blog is for.

I have a tendency to re-watch films for the 3rd, 10th, 100th time before I’ll watch something new that I don’t know I want to see.  This can be very annoying to those cursed to live with me.

When I watch a film, I want first and foremost to be entertained.  From there, if a film provokes thought, great.  If it makes me feel something, awesome.  If it makes me laugh, excellent.  But flickers of these things in a film that keeps me bored 80% of the time or more is not my idea of a good time.



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